Who Am I?

That’s me ^ in Quito, Ecuador
Summer of 2018

Hi, I am Sydney Callaway, a passionate female who cannot stay in one place.

I grew up in San Diego, California and spent my childhood competing in horseshow jumping, rising to a high level. Like a good athlete, I intensely trained and monitored my exercise and eating. However, my intensity worked against me; I developed bulimia at age 13. And I am not alone, some organizations report that body dissatisfaction is as high as 90% among American women. Everyone struggles with a negative body image, and around 30 million Americans will develop an eating disorder each year.

Eating disorders can take years to recover, and the health damage, both physically and mentally, is long-lasting. I was lucky. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, I was able to heal myself from bulimia. But yoga’s message went deeper than this. Yoga began to change how I saw beauty and practiced wellness. With 36 million other American practitioners, it is clear that Yoga is part of this movement of re-imaging both health and beauty.

VDL Viper H in Canada
Summer of 2013

Yoga’s message took me towards self-love, but it was not the only tool that helped me change the way I saw myself. At age 17, I spent the winter in Paris. and my perspective around food did a 180˚.  Instead of controlling every meal (a common eating disorder trait), I conformed to French eating customs. I did not try to exercise twice a day, and instead walked, drank, and talked like a Parisian. I lost myself in the city– no longer concerned about my own looks. Paris got me to act in a whole new way effortlessly. This began to change how I thought about health and beauty. And I began to wonder about how our culture impacts so many aspects of wellness, perspective, and lifestyle.

New Years Eve in Paris
Winter of 2014

Additionally, my time in Paris grew into a deeper interested in people; I fell in love with communication, culture, and foreign languages. I began to travel at any chance I got and used my travels to try-out new ways of life. These different ways of life taught me how to see my behaviors and myself differently. 

Viñales, Cuba
Summer of 2018

I have traveled across South America, Western Europe, and North America. Each country has offered me something new; some unique take on a wellness topic or life philosophy. I have only scratched the world’s surface of places to see. But what I know is that the California/Hollywood ideal of beauty and health (that I religiously submitted myself to) is not the only perspective. Through learning these other ideals, I am constantly finding mental and emotional freedom. I want to help you find this freedom, too. 

A Chilean sunset in San Pedro de Atacama
Summer of 2018

It is my hope that this blog helps us re-imagine beauty and health. Through taking a global perspective,  we can create a more holistic, fruitful narrative. A practice and a philosophy that works towards unveiling the innate radiance we all possess.