On Emotional Development

The fact is, the human mind, in its state of potential, is no different between gender, race, and culture. It is how we treat the developing mind that produces the behavior we see later in life.

On Personal Branding

Social media is giving me the freedom to share my writing and thoughts. I am recognizing it as a tool, something that I can use to my benefit if I yield it with care and precision. But like a sharp knife, I must proceed with caution– fully aware of its potential for harm.

A Philosophy of Non-Action

Non-action is no accident, just as an athlete’s effortless movements and a musician’s performance require practice. We are all capable of walking through life as artists and athletes, moving towards a state of non-doing as we eliminate the noise.

A Body In Motion

We can’t take away the decisions of the past, we can only work with what we have given ourselves up to this point. And I want to give myself physical freedom, this day and every day forward.

On Female Beauty

“The key to beauty is the inside job…Let’s go seize the day and fight the power.”

The Importance of Food + Culture

Food + culture go hand in hand. With this practice, the world has enjoyed thousands of years of positive human health. Let’s follow this time-tested model.