A Philosophy of Non-Action

Non-action is no accident, just as an athlete’s effortless movements and a musician’s performance require practice. We are all capable of walking through life as artists and athletes, moving towards a state of non-doing as we eliminate the noise.

A Body In Motion

We can’t take away the decisions of the past, we can only work with what we have given ourselves up to this point. And I want to give myself physical freedom, this day and every day forward.

On Female Beauty

“The key to beauty is the inside job…Let’s go seize the day and fight the power.”

The Importance of Food + Culture

Food + culture go hand in hand. With this practice, the world has enjoyed thousands of years of positive human health. Let’s follow this time-tested model.

A Few Words

“These external beauty standards have deeply affected my life. The only therapy I know for it is to simply delve into the sensations and discomfort, and seeing what magic arises from the vulnerability.”

Meditation: Altering You

Practices like loving-kindness harness the potent power of love and feed it to the brain. Goleman explains how the brain seems to light up in these practices, more powerfully and quickly than in any other practice, as though the brain was craving love.