Exploring Minds

I created this blog to explore what it means to think differently, to learn from other people and cultures, and to consider the qualities of a life well-lived and a person worth being.

Beautiful people attract others through their energy. They live their lives like it is a work of art, daring to color outside the lines, step outside the box, and beat the rhythm of their own drum.

sydney greer callaway takes a photo of a car in cuba

I want to know what makes these people tick, what influences these people to persevere, and what obstacles they have overcome. It is my belief that these factors contribute to a person’s beauty.

Once a month, I conduct an in-depth interview with a stranger or a friend where we explore different life topics and reveal the inner beauty within it all.

I am always looking for more beautiful people to learn from. So please, if you have a friend or a family member you want to recommend for an interview, get in contact with me below:

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