New Realities in Mexico

What I am trying to explain is the power of patterns, both thought and behavior patterns, that recreate the wheel of our lives. I make decisions for myself based off a pattern of thinking that may or may not serve every situation, but I nonetheless apply it to each scenario.

Physical Injuries + Silver Linings

I had trouble locating a doctor in this foreign health care system, and I often felt discouraged by a lack of guidance or support. My attempts to call home were often thwarted by the failing WIFI connection; where my tearful confessions were responded to by beeps and dropped calls

Problem Solving ∨ Problem Living

Should we focus on solving the world’s problems or living with our problems? And what does it look like to work with and in our problems?

A Thought– Delayed

Hi Reader (s)? I am sorry I did not post my monthly story, and I even failed to give an explanation! The truth is, my life has been a whirlwind. I am in the middle of reassessing that whirlwind, but I want to say quickly that I have a great project in the work and…

Inequalities in Chicago

A man stumbled to his right as my friend dragged me towards hers. Chicago’s bright city lights dissipated to yellow patches that broke up the darkness as we found ourselves on a street that ran below Michigan Avenue.

Miriam Aguilera on Self-Worth + Self-Starting + Domestic Violence

Miriam began to tell me her story, how she immigrated into the United States as a married woman and struggled to find self-worth in her emotionally abusive marriage. The process of leaving was coupled with learning that she was worthy of good treatment, a belief she was not raised to embody.

Personal Updates

Nothing I have been writing feels good enough lately. Call it a writer’s block, maybe a quality block, but the truth is, I have not been feeling great.