A Thought– Delayed

Hi Reader (s)?

I am sorry I did not post my monthly story, and I even failed to give an explanation!

The truth is, my life has been a whirlwind. I am in the middle of reassessing that whirlwind, but I want to say quickly that I have a great project in the work and many thoughts brewing (the prelude: what matters?!). It will all be shared in due time.

You (all?! Is there more than one??– who cares) are the people who make my blog the special place that it is. To think that my monkey-brain thoughts and random conversations hold any meaning beyond my own imagination is a treasure. Please keep tuning in and sharing your monkey-brain thoughts with me ❤️

To wrap up, I want to share a few photos of my life, and then I will skittaddle off to processing my thoughts, putting them onto paper, and then publishing a real damn article after all this time!

A found hat

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