A Poem for Kay

I’m writing this because I will miss you.
I already do.
As I reflect on the many things we did,
You did,
And I did because of you.

You know I didn’t want to go to that camp,
Or those meetings,
Or that party,
But you always convinced me,
Somehow, someway,
And I was glad to be there
Once my pouting went away.

I remember eating cookies and brownies
At your house after midnight.
And convincing you to stay out,
Long after we had struck out.

I remember high school graduations
And celebrations.
I remember dog walks, beach walks, and night talks,
All speckled with laughter,
Because we never took life that seriously.

I don’t remember yelling or arguing,
I can’t recall a fight or a rupture.
When things went wrong,
When I was wrong,
You told me–
Straight to my face,
Like a friend, like a sister.

There was never a grey area,
Never a dull moment,
I never hesitated to call
And you never ceased to answer–
Until the day you passed.

We had plans for the beach,
Your favorite spot.
I was curious to know what happened.
When did the cancer strike?
How were you coping?
How were you feeling?
I had so many questions.
But these questions, these calls,
Will go unanswered for once.

For those left on Earth,
We hold you close to our hearts.
But I know you’re okay,
Still smiling and laughing,
Shrugging the weight of the world off
With an ease only you know,
And I am learning to emulate.

Kay Bennett at her graduate
Kay Bennett at her prom
Kay Bennett laughing
Kay Bennett laughing in a group
Kay Bennett with her highschool boyfriend and a white dog
Kay Bennett smiling with a friend
Kay Bennett and a large stuffed teddy bear
Kay and a friend at a club

Rest in Peace, my dear ❤️

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