Black Lives Matter Protests

I went to a Black Lives Matter protest in San Diego, Saturday morning on June 6th; it was organized by a first-time activist and proud LBGTN member Charles Brownie. The protest emphasized peacefulness, and the undercurrent of LBGTN allowed for an intriguing collection of gay, black speakers. The speakers all took turns sharing their stories,…

On My Quarantine Evolution

Quarantine was a medicine I did not want to take, but it has become an elixir of rest that I had forgotten how to brew.

Time Spent in Quarantine

Time in quarantine feels nonsensical. How can we infuse meaning back into our days– and reclaim our 2020?

Kyu Min Huh on South Korea + COVID-19

I am in South Korea now. I actually should be in New Orleans, but delayed my flight to April 20th. I was going to be a part-time volunteer intern before getting a job, but got an email two days ago that New Orleans became another hotspot for covid-19. I really haven’t expected New Orleans to…

COVID-19 as Warfare + Wildfire

COVID-19 is the world’s wildfire—it is touching every inch of the land, spreading in every direction without rhythm or reason, and devastating families.

Pattern Breaking + Self Trust + Anxiety

Pattern breaking contrasts with the status quo, which in turn causes you to think about the situation, concept, or problem in a different way. However, when you constantly break patterns, you lose a comparison point; you cannot find the normal, balance point, on the scale of possible reactions.

Photo Diary of Morocco

“Morocco is the most beautiful country in the world. Because why? Because we have everything: two oceans, mountains, deserts, fresh water, and sunshine. What more do humans need?”